Wharfdale Hard Drive-Based Hi-Fi System

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Since the prospect of placing a computer inside a home theater still doesn't quite turn people on, Wharfdale figures it can provide the best of both worlds with a 40GB hard drive-based Hi-Fi stereo system. As you might expect, a 40GB hard drive is the heart of the system and offers enough space to hold an estimated 8,000 songs, either USB-imported, pre-existing MP3s or MP3s ripped by the unit itself. Like other, similar audio systems, this Wharefdale unit will query the appropriate databases when playing CDs in order to display accurate (well, for the most part) song information.

The two speakers have a power rating of 30 watts, plus you'll find an AM/FM radio, a svelte LCD for track information and CD-R/RW playback. Is it worth some $380? is the question, though.


Wharfedale Hard Disk Hi-Fi. [The Red Ferret Journal]

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