What a flyover of the surface of Mars would look like

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The ESA put together this rendered flyover video of Mars (from images taken from the Mars Express) and we can see the craters and cliffs and canyons that pockmark the red planet as if we we were actually flying by and poking our head out the window. It’s all the same drab and dusty color but it also looks phenomenal.

The ESA explains:

Explore the Atlantis Chaos region of Mars, in the Red Planet’s southern hemisphere. The video showcases a myriad of features that reflect a rich geological history. The tour takes in rugged cliffs and impact craters, alongside parts of ancient shallow, eroded basins. See smooth plains scarred with wrinkled ridges, scarps and fracture lines that point to influence from tectonic activity. Marvel at ‘chaotic’ terrain – hundreds of small peaks and flat-topped hills that are thought to result from the slow erosion of a once-continuous solid plateau. This entire region may once have played host to vast volumes of water – look out for the evidence in the form of channels carved into steep-sided walls.


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