What Apple CarPlay Looks Like in Action

While Apple showed off a few screengrabs of its CarPlay in-car iPhone and iPad integration system earlier, we finally have some actual video of it in action. Not surprisingly, it turns your car's dashboard into a big 'ol iPhone copilot.


Many of the CarPlay screenshots released show it being used on a widescreen display similar to using your iOS device in landscape mode. But this Volvo demo instead shows it being used on a larger portrait-sized display, with the iOS icons limited to the lower-half of the screen, while the Volvo's UI occupies the upper half.

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And that's interesting because it means the CarPlay interface isn't going to necessarily replace or completely supplant your vehicle's existing UI. It will simply provide a more driving-friendly means to access your mobile device while you're on the road. It also means your vehicle won't require a dedicated display for using your Apple toys, so adoption by automakers should be relatively simple. [Volvo]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Bad move by Volvo. Now, you are alienating the majority of smartphone users all over the world who use Android and Windows Phone