Look Who's Talking

Mel W.:

On Star Wars Rebels this week Yoda started talking to Kana and Ezra. Can Jedi just telepathically talk to each other now? Don't you have to be a dead Jedi to do this? And if you could, why didn't Yoda ever talk to Luke before he came to Dagobah? It seems like that would have been helpful.


I saw this, and instantly my Star Wars-obsessed brain started figuring out explanations, none of which are of course supported in the movies in any ways. Perhaps the Jedi Temple is powerful enough with the Force — it has one of those Force cave that contains incredible evil that the Jedi like to throw kids into — that it makes a telepathic communication across the galaxy, Jedi-to-Jedi, possible. Maybe Luke wasn't attuned enough with the Force to hear Yoda, a Jedi he'd never met and thus had no connection to. Or it could be that like all the Jedi of the prequels, Yoda was an asshole who cared more about being a "proper Jedi" than a "good Jedi."

It's the reason why Yoda bitched about Luke being too old to train in empire when he was literally one of two candidates who could save the universe (and the other was just as old!). It's why Yoda tried to talk Luke out of saving his friends, despite the fact that it was the Jedi's lack of compassion — e.g., leaving Anakin's mom on Tatooine as a slave — that got them into their current predicament in the first place.


It seems like Yoda talking to Kanan and Ezra is the outlier here. Maybe he felt he had to give them a pep talk. Maybe Yoda trusted Obi-Wan to take care of Luke and felt Kanan and Ezra needed a bit more direct guidance. Maybe Yoda was drunk and feeling chatty. Maybe he pulled one of those crazy martial arts moves where you stop your own heart and die for a little bit so he could join the living Force and call people long-distance. I don't know.


Stand By Your (Ant-)Man


Am I the only person who was a bit underwhelmed by the Ant-Man trailer? It looks fine. But given how good most Marvel movies are fine is kind of a dissappointment, isn't it?


I think it's way too early to be disappointed, although I had essentially the same problem with the trailer. I see what Marvel was going for with the big heroic speech and Paul Rudd's "huh" at the end, but really, my main problem is that I believe Ant-Man is supposed to be an action-comedy, and the trailer just wasn't that funny. Now, this would probably have been fine if it the trailer has some really jaw-dropping moments, but about the only thing that was memorably cool was seeing Rudd on the flying ant, but I think that has as much to do with me being a classic Avengers comics fan as anything. I'm not sure if non-nerds were as thrilled to see the superhero equivalent of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

That said, it's only the first trailer, and I seem to recall the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer also focused on its action, not its humor. Its entirely possible the second trailer will be hilarious. We shall see.


Secret Wars

Joseph C.:

I thought it was refreshing getting an insight to behind the scenes of Sony. Granted "illegaly" done so. Politely ask or point this group who claimed to have done the hack (GOP), to maybe do the same thing to WB/dc and see what the hell is going on. We all know how bad they are. My question to you is what would you expect to find in the files upon files that could be so much worse than over at Sony?


Honestly, I don't think you'd find anything too damning. It's not like WB executives are sitting around and asking each other, "How do turn these DC superheroes into movies that make a ton of money that no one likes?" I imagine that what a hack would reveal is that DC executives don't have any problem announcing projects but can't agree on how any aspect of them should be implemented, which is why so many of their movies seem to go through so many changes, delays and complete fuck-ups that prevent them from getting made at all.

So basically, the same thing going on in most comic site forums, just with more cocaine. I'd read 'em.


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