What Did Syfy Want With A Kristen Johnston Reality Show?

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Back in September, we reported that Syfy was trying to "Imagine Greater" programming developing new reality TV shows, even a possible cooking show. We think we may have uncovered one of these strange pitches, thanks to Kristen Johnston.


Thursday night, on Bravo's late night reality recap call-in show, Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked guests Kristen Johnston and Tracey Ullman about some of the more random job or show offers they've received. Johnston revealed that Syfy approached her for a reality TV series, just based on her life...

Yeah, we're just as confused as you are, Kristen. Perhaps it's her fantastic candor or past work on 3rd Rock From The Sun that made Syfy interested, but, come on, really? We love Kristen and think she's hilarious, but she's not someone I'd give up a TV night to watch the mundane comings and goings of her life on reality TV. I mean, it's not like she has some horrible drug problem or is insane. She's a funny and talented actress that was in a sci-fi TV show that one time. If this was Patrick Stewart or The Shat, we'd understand, but Kristen Johnston?


To recap, that's a possible cooking show and celebrity docu-drama that have been thrown around, and that's on top of the wrestling that already exists on the network. Imagining Greater is all well and good, but let's hope we don't lose the innovative network that's not afraid to launch Mansquito, care for a Stargate franchise for more than a decade, deliver cerebral TV with BSG and Caprica, and even the silly little Outer Space Astronauts.

So our questions is, who else has been reached out to for a docu-drama from Syfy? If you know please email us, or feel free to speculate below (Personally I'd give my right hand for a Shatner reality show).