A new iPad Air. It's significantly lighter, skinnier, easier to hold and faster all the way around. The iPad mini now finally comes with a retina display. And it has the same A7 processor that powers the iPhone 5S and iPad Air. Aside from screen size, their guts are practically identical. What do you guys think of them? Will you buy one? None? Both?

The announcements of the new iPads weren't too surprising but seem solid across the board. An A7 chip in the iPad Mini is definitely impressive given that last year's iPad mini was rocking last last year's chip. The name change of the big boy iPad into the iPad Air wasn't widely predicted and is almost fitting given its new lightness. The iPad Air looks like the iPad mini that looks like the iPad Air. Like it's supposed to.


But it wasn't all peaches from Apple. The price of the iPad mini with retina display is a bit off putting. The vagueness of "later in November" is odd. No Touch ID to match the iPhone 5S seems unfortunate. But what did you guys think about the new iPad Air and iPad mini? Happy? Disappointed? Let us know below.

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