What Do You Think About Apple's New iPhones?

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So Apple's iPhone event is over and we have two new iPhones to fondle, swipe, break, fingerprint and maybe even use. Well technically we have two new iPhones. One of them is last year's guts in a brand new body. The other one is brand new guts in last year's body. Half a new phone for everyone! What do you guys think about the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S?


The leaks—as they tend to be now—were pretty on point. There wasn't any real surprise for those who've been tracking the Apple rumor mill. We knew were we getting color options. We knew there was going to be a fingerprint scanner. We knew there would be goldpagne. We knew basically everything. 64-bit might have been a minor surprise but even then, we heard whispers. But even without surprise, the 5S automatically vaults into the conversation of one of the best smartphones you can buy. And with the new iOS 7, it'll feel a lot different from previous iPhones.

So what say you. Are you glad you bought the HTC One or S4 or went Lumia or are you excited for the 20th so that you can grab a 5c or 5S?

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Still the only phone I'd want, never going back to Android and I prefer phones that fit in my pocket/hand. It isn't a huge improvement but everyone was an incremental improvement/spec bump like the 4S anyway...

The thumbprint scanning feature is pretty fucking significant and will start to become a standard feature in other smartphones.