What Do You Think Brian Michael Bendis Will Be Writing at DC Comics?

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This morning the comics world was shaken by the announcement that Marvel Comics stalwart Brian Michael Bendis would be leaving after 17 years as one of the publisher’s most influential writers to exclusively write for DC. Now that the initial shock is passed, another question remains: What will Bendis actually be writing?

Bendis himself has promised details on his first DC projects will be forthcoming soon, but for now we thought we’d throw the speculation over to you. At Marvel, Bendis had his fingers over practically the whole pantheon of heroes: he was a crucial architect of the Ultimate Marvel Universe with Ultimate Spider-Man, and was the writer behind Alias and its now-iconic superpowered P.I. lead Jessica Jones, Invincible Iron Man, and dozens of other blockbuster titles, four of which are currently ongoing at the time of Bendis’ announced exit. So it’s not like there’s a specific niche that he could be transferred over to at DC.


Will he start “small” with a character outside of DC’s big hitters, or is a member of the trinity like Wonder Woman or Superman in his future? (Batman’s main title seems unlikely given the success of writer Tom King there, himself a former Marvel writer who penned the outstanding Vision series last year before exclusively joining DC.) Could he play a part in whatever DC has planned for the Watchmen characters after Geoff John’s Doomsday Clock series? Tell us where you think Bendis is headed next in the comments.