What Feature Would Make Your Favorite App Perfect?

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It's crazy to think about how much we use our preferred apps. We track runs, take notes, dip into our endless RSS streams, sort Tweets, or use Shazam to keep from embarrassing ourselves when we don't recognize a song. Okay, that last one might just be me. Whatever. The point is that we're intimately acquainted with these little software nuggets on our computers and smartphones and we know them inside and out.

So why doesn't Evernote have a simple way to set reminders for tasks? Where's the offline caching for Feedly? Why is it so hard to find your listening history in Spotify? And can we get some Google Maps integration up in Fantastical? What's that one thing you've been waiting for, or the thing you always go to do that you can't? Pine away below.

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Making the Android apps to show the badge on the icon to know how many stuff you got per app, thats a thing I miss from iOS, took me a week to actually find out in my new Galaxy S4.