What Happens When You Inherit George Zimmerman's Old Phone Number

A 49-year-old wastewater treatment plant worker named Junior Alexander Guy got a cell phone for the first time last month. Immediately he started receiving menacing calls, but the people on the other end weren't dialing the wrong number. The smarties at T-Mobile had actually given the poor soul the digits that once belonged to George Zimmerman, the Florida man who shot Trayvon Martin in February.

The number—407-435-2400—was made public because it was the one Zimmerman had used to dial 911 after he killed Martin. It's since been retired, but not before Alexander fielded more than 70 threatening calls. Now he says he's scared for his life and he's moved out of his home. He got a lawyer who is trying to negotiate a settlement with T-Mobile, who has since (finally) retired the number. But this is pretty stupid on T-Mobile's part. Considering how infamous and controversial this case is, they probably should have ditched those digits long before this happened. [Orlando Sentinel via Pat's Papers]


Image credit: beboy/Shutterstock

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