If you haven't seen a million iPhone 5S housing pics of varying believability by now, you're either doing something very wrong, or very right. But looking at an alleged 5S case by itself doesn't tell us much about the improvements over the regular 5, so Jonathan at TLD endeavored to see how many of the guts from an iPhone 5 he could cram into a gold, er, champaaagne, 5S case. How'd he do?


Well, first off, there's no way to really know whether this is a real, bona fide 5S case, or just some chintzy knockoff. And aside from that, Jonathan's findings are pretty much exactly what we'd hope for in any upgraded mobile device: the mounting slots indicate a bigger battery and a tidier processor in the 5S. Nobody expected the new phone's battery would be smaller, and a slimmed down processor might tip off some pretty major improvements. But it's still interesting to see the physical changes going on inside that Toyota Camry Beige case. Assuming, once again, it's the real deal. [TLD via MacRumors]

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