What If Batman Used Apple Maps?

Here's an Apple Maps parody that's absolutely hilarious: what if Batman used Apple Maps in The Dark Knight to find Rachel Dawes? Yeah, that wouldn't have been good. Siri would have sent Batman down wrong turns, parking lots and malls just to see everything get blown up.


It's hilarious and be sure to watch the other Apple Maps movie parodies made by movieclipsTRAILERS. They've got The Shining and The Hunger Games parodies too:

The Shining.

Oh Katniss

[movieclipsTRAILERS via BuzzFeed]

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this apple maps debacle is really making me question upgrading to the 5 from my 4. I really like the S3, but I'm not particularly fond of the huge screen. I'd get the Mini, but gah, what a piece of garbage compared to the 5 and S3...