You might not think it at first, but WALL-E and Interstellar share some similarities in their premise - what with a ruined Earth being abandoned by Humanity for pastures new among the stars. But their realities become even closer in this trailer that shows you just how editing can completely change a movie's tone.

Youtuber Bobby Burns released this edit late last week, mixing some carefully selected scenes from Pixar's 2008 classic with the soundtrack of an Interstellar trailer, with all the right inserts to make it look like it was a Nolan movie - and it works really well not as a WALL-E trailer as we would expect, but in how subtle framing and tonal changes through the soundtrack and scene selection can alter the tone of the breezy sci-fi adventure into something much more different, a bit more sinister.


It's not the first Pixar movie Burns has 'Nolanised' either - he re-imagined The Incredibles in the style of a trailer for The Dark Knight, to equally phenomenal effect:

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to see a Christopher Nolan/Pixar movie collaboration now.

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