What Is Google's Holiday Doodle?

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In a goal to end the year with a bang, Google's Doodlers have drawn up a creative, artsy doodle for this year's holiday season. It's 17 interactive portraits of holiday scenes around the world and took six months of work.

The 17 different portraits are:
• St. Basil's Cathedral
• Acropolis of Athens
• Buche de Noel
• Mount Fuji
• Great Wall of China
• Pierogi
• Indian dance styles
• Sahara Desert
• Sydney Harbor
• Oud
• Chili pepper
• Venice gondolas
• Nepal
• Chilean vineyards
• African kanga
• Up on the House Top
• Henna lamp


Chief Doodler, Micheal Lopez, and five artists spent over 250 hours working on those doodle, which loosely (very loosely, actually) re-creates the Google logo with various images across the world. I'm interpreting the unrelated images as a message as to celebrate, wherever you are (or celebrate as one?).

Anyway, all of the portraits are wonderful and clicking each one will lead you to learn more about the item (like any other basic doodle). Doodles have gotten more ambitious this year with Pac Man, video playing logos and other crazy ones being introduced, so it's sort of fitting that we end the year with such a different logo. [Google via WSJ]