What Is Google's New "Next Generation Personal Communication Device"?

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Google is, apparently, developing a new music streaming service. But new reports suggest that it is also simultaneously trialling a "next generation personal communication device" with its employees.


According to FCC applications cited by Engadget, Google wants to evaluate the "the throughput and stability of the home Wi-Fi networks that will support the device," as well as its Bluetooth performance, in the real world. Further details are limited, but the testing period should run until July 15th of this year.


Which all, of course, begs the question: what the hell is it? It doesn't sound like a new phone, and it's very tempting to assume that it might be a tie-in with the new media streaming system. Could it be Google's first tablet, which Schmidt speculated about last year? And one that's firmly focused on multimedia at that? Let's see. [FCC applications via Engadget]

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I am a big Google guy, but Google Music is seriously half baked and pisses me off sometimes.

I have a quad core i7 MB pro and G-Music uses 10-15% of my processor sitting in the background uploading music....something is broken. And uploading duplicate tracks and sometimes not uploading. And logging me out of every google account when I log into music (sometimes but not always) even though I have multiple sign-ins enabled. Seriously Google, fix that shit!