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What it's like to be inside the cockpit of an A-10 Thunderbolt when it flies over the desert

Here’s a video from inside the A-10 Thunderbolt as it flies through Arizona. The perspective is really cool because you get to see how the world looks from inside the aircraft and see things flip and turn sideways too. It also totally looks like it’s flying over Mars or something.


The Aviationist says that the the A-10 was providing air support for a combat search and rescue training mission.


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Didn’t shred a single enemy position, tank or artillery battery. The pilot could’ve at least lit up a minivan or a gas station, you know, for practice.

Seriously, we should break out the plans and molds and build more of these. The Warthog is nicely suited to close combat in uneven terrain, and much cheaper than the newer, more sophisticated aircraft. I’ll taken a dozen A-10 fighters over a single F-35 for the same price.