Two things. One, we're going to need a lot of hand sanitizer if Microsoft is right about the all-touch-everything future. Two, I'm surprised how much I like Microsoft's vision—it's futuristic, natural and metro-y.

It's not quite as bold as AT&T's predictions back in 1993 because this Microsoft video focuses more on the productivity side of life (don't worry, not everything is about computers! Hopefully there's nature hidden somewhere). But if Microsoft is even half as accurate as AT&T was (AT&T was swinging with a .900 batting average in those ad spots), we can expect paper thin phones and tablets that merge seamlessly with the rest of our lives—car windows as AR, kitchens powered with Surface, cards to help jobs, touchboard calendars and more. The thing that amused me the most though? How there was still a physical keyboard in the video (I'm totally down with that).


Now get started Microsoft. I want this future. [YouTube via TechCrunch]