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For this week's Photoshop Contest, we're going to have a little fun with new Gizmodo friend Jeffrey Toobin. We know that he likes following baseball and logging onto Facebook during presidential debates. Which is fine, lord knows I dick around on the internet while I'm at work. I just don't do so on TV. So what we're going to do is imagine Toobs doing even more things that he shouldn't be doing on television. That could mean surfing different websites or covering different events or really anything at all. So come up with your genius image (just use Google Image Search for source pictures of Toobin) and send it to me at by next Tuesday morning. Your subject line should be "Oh Toobs!" and your files should be named FirstnameLastname.jpg (using your name, duh) in JPG, PNG or GIF formats. I'll pick the three best winners and then show off the rest of the best in our Gallery of Champions. And yes, someone else thought of putting porn on his screen. Let's be a bit more creative than that. And remember: he's a lawyer, so don't get us sued.


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