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What the Hell, Who Knew You Could Ride Scooters Like This?

Scooters, as a whole, aren't exactly the coolest thing a person can ride. Maybe you had some 'fun' with them when you were a fifth grader but if you brought your scooter to the skate park now? The insults hurled at you would re-arrange the English dictionary. Well, unless, you rode scooters like these guys. The tricks they pull are brain hemorrhaging amazing.


Seriously, if we had to rank skateboards, bikes, scooters, etc. by coolness, it'd probably go something like this:

1. Hoverboard
2. Skateboard
3. Bike


276. Scooter
277. Rollerblading

But to take a look at these guys on their scooters, you'd think its magic attached to their foot. I'm not sure if this video is not CGI'd. [Devin Super Tramp]

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It's cool... but there is nowhere to go with it; besides sweet Razor contests (which I have heard of one in my entire life). It's like being a really good unicyclist...