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What Was Your Most Embarrassing Tweet?

Illustration for article titled What Was Your Most Embarrassing Tweet?

By now, you've probably heard that Twitter's rolling out the option to download your entire archive of tweets. And, hey, that sounds like great news!


Hold on, Narcissus. Let's think about it. Twitter's already been around for 6 years. That's Methuselah in Internet years and more than enough time to have collected all sorts of horrifying, cringe-inducing tweets of yesteryear. No matter how witty and incisive you may be, fads that were super hip way back when usually become the same ones endlessly mocked in retrospect. Fads such as, oh, I dont know, Google+ and #makingupyourownhashtags, for instance.


So do some soul/archive searching and tell us, what tweet of yore are you most embarrassed about?

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Eric Limer