Whatever You Do This Christmas, Don't Buy a Japanese Child a Console

PS3? Wii? Xbox 360? If you were to buy any of these systems for a Japanese child this Christmas, they'd be sorely disappointed. Game consoles are the LAST thing on their list—literally. So what do they want?

According to a recent poll (results above/translation below) of Japanese children 12 and under, they really want...


1. Video game software (over 450 kids said this)
2. Pretty Cure goods (over 100 kids said this)
3. Anpanman goods
4. Books (picture book, book, illustrated encyclopedia)
5. Kamen Rider goods
6. Bicycle
7. Toy car
8. Clothes
9. Stuffed animal
10. Video game console

Since many kids have consoles, they just want video games now—that's fair. But clothes? What self-respecting child under 13 wants clothes?? And have you actually ever seen a picture of Anpanman?

As translated by the esteemed Brian Ashcraft over at Kotaku. [はちま起稿 via Kotaku]


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