What's A Frankenstein Gotta Do To Get Some Peace Around Here?

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Alas, Aaron Eckhart is just too sexy to live his life in the shadows of the cannily named I, Frankenstein, and that's what leads him to get caught a war between gargoyles and demons. Plus Her, Zombinators and more, all in this week's home video releases!


I, Frankenstein

The ultimate adaptation of Mary Shelley's classi novel. By which I mean "ultimately ridiculous," of course.


An operating system and a mustache fall in love in this romance from Spike Jonze.

Dragonball Z: Season 4


The one with Trunks and the Cell Games.

Yu-Gi-Oh Class: Season Five


With this final season, you can finally own all of the English dub of Yu-Gi-Oh on DVD. Whee.



The original X-rated version! A student at a strict military academy finds a Satanic crypt and uses its powers to wreak vengeance on his bullying schoolmates.

Wolverine: Weapon X – Tomorrow Dies Today


When Roxxon pulls a Terminator and sends several Deathloks from the future into the past to kill their enemies while they're young, Wolverine and Captain America try to stop them.

Poseidon Rex


A.k.a. "Water Godzilla."

Sleeping Beauty


Director Caspar Van Dien — yes, you read that correctly — tries to give the Snow White & the Huntsman treatment to a woefully smaller-budgeted fairy tale.

Hellboy: 20th Anniversary Set


The two animated Hellboy movies, Sword of Storms and Blood & Iron, packed together on Blu-ray with a free comic.



"A fashion blogger documentary turns into a Zombie horror nightmare when college students come face to face with the undead in Youngstown Ohio. Their only hope of survival is a former soldier turned zombie killer (Joseph Aviel) trying to protect them from "The Colonel" (Patrick Kilpatrick), a mercenary working for an evil corporation who developed the serum that causes zombie-ism. Sergio Myers, director and creator made the movie in a record 4.5 days with no script." Why do filmmakers ever brag about this?



Forget all these movies. Torque by Joseph Khan is on Blu-ray, finally. Yes, Torque. When most parody comedies now have been skydiving in quality, this Fast & Furious spoof reminds you that the genre can still be good fun.

First, Friedkin's Sorcerer on Bluray (don't buy the DVD) and now this. Joy!