What's Fox News Do With Its Absurd, Giant iPads? Play Candy Crush, Duh

When Fox News first introduced its new news room full of ridiculously giant iPad-lookin' Windows tablets, our first question was "why?!" but now that the team has done a little journalism on Candy Crush, it's all suddenly crystal clear.


We know first hand that Candy Crush can be addicting, but Shepard Smith took the opportunity to explain that fact at length in a recent segment, making obvious, ridiculous, but actually kindasorta valuable use of his hulking tablet the whole time.


You can just imagine how excited someone must have been when they realized they could do this. You can watch the whole, slightly awkward clip over at Buzzfeed. [Buzzfeed]

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I love me some Candy Crush and I'm loath to have a lower score than my wife on any level (and WOW she has some high scores I have yet to beat), but I'll be damned if I'm going to pay one single cent to play that game. I'll never spend money on something that let's me have it free too. Never.