What's Happened To Torchwood?

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Torchwood achieved critical acclaim and blockbuster ratings for "Children Of Earth," but since then? No news. Now BBC Wales left Torchwood out of a list of its productions. And John Barrowman dodged Torchwood questions. What's going on?

According to Den Of Geek, the director of BBC Wales, Menna Richards, gave a speech before the preview of the new Doctor Who season premiere yesterday, and listed the big productions being made at Cardiff's big new drama centre: Doctor Who, Pobol y Cwm and The Sarah Jane Adventures. But no mention of Torchwood.

Meanwhile, Russell T. Davies has said again and again that there's no news on Torchwood season four, although he also claims to have a storyline in mind. And John Barrowman, who's previously been quite vocal about saying that Torchwood season four will happen, and he's already signed for 13 more episodes, was on Radio 2 last weekend, and suddenly he was being quite coy about the show's future.


What's going on? There are a few possibilities, which are not mutually exclusive:

1) The BBC has gotten cold feet about spending so much money on another science-fiction show, and Torchwood is a victim of the BBC's initiative to get rid of older shows.


2) Davies isn't interested in doing the show in Wales any more, or Davies only wants to do it in some format the BBC doesn't feel comfortable with.

3) Torchwood season four is in the works, but it's just taking longer than any of us had expected to get off the ground.


4) It's going to happen, but only in the United States, on Fox. (In which case it'll be five episodes, not because that's the length of the season, but because that's how long Fox will let it be on the air.)

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