What's Your Dumbest Internet Purchasing Fail?

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Amazon is great and all, but an unfortunate side-effect of buying stuff sight unseen on the 'net is that sometimes you end up with stuff you didn't really mean to buy. I'm not saying that's the reason I have three power strips for European plugs under my bed, but...yeah. I should probably read the description more carefully next time.


As an unintended consequence of my Prime membership and the amount of time I spend internet shopping while slightly drunk, I've made what feels like a lot of bad mistakes buying online in the last year or two. Like, the eight mono audio cables I bought when I needed stereo, or the two microphones I bought when I only needed one (One-Click ordering probably sounded great in theory, but there are bugs that need working out), or the three-hundred pack of screws I inexplicably got shipped from China whilst drunk.

Compounding it all is the fact that I'm an incredibly lazy human being and the post office is a long way away, so I generally can't be bothered to return things unless they're particularly expensive. Maybe I'll have the world's weirdest garage sale in the spring to get rid of it all.


I can't be alone though: what are the dumbest, stupidest mistakes you've made buying stuff online?

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Erzhik Tem

USPS priority boxes. I ordered a quantity of 10, didn't realize that each quantity of 1 represented 25 boxes. So yeah, I ordered 250 priority boxes, when I only needed 5 and was too lazy to go to a USPS store.