Because smart people who are good at solving problems with DIY methods or life hacks also happen to be very good at the Internet and because people who are good at the Internet also happen to be very good at finding DIY methods or life hacks to solve problems, it seems like we've come to a point where we already know how to solve all of technology's minor annoyances with simple DIY hacks.


Like come on, who hasn't figured out ways (or at least saved ways to a folder on their desktop called Hacks) to fix messy cables and power cords with binder clips, bread tabs and/or ribbons or something. And seriously, we all know by now that binder clips are the most versatile tool in a life hacker's arsenal, right? Cardboard toilet paper rolls are a solid second place though.

Did you hear about the one where you tie extension cords together to prevent them from unplugging? Or the accidental genius that created rubber bands on a power adapter? And what about pen springs to extend the life of your cables! There's just so many little fixes out there that blew our minds once upon a time but are just recycled over and over now. And that's fine! We didn't all know the world was round at one point. Or something like that. Whatever.


What's your favorite life hack for technology? Is it one of the nine BuzzFeed cited in the video above or is it something even better? Or maybe it's one of the 40 tricks we featured last year? Or maybe you just like seeing life hacks more than actually using life hacks.

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