Wheelchair Backflip Makes Truck Backflip Seem Less 'Extreme'

While recently a daredevil was forced to cancel a backflip in a truck because he broke his back doing some practice runs, this daredevil already has a broken back. Aaron Fotheringham was born partially paralyzed from the waist down. I guess he figured risking being fully paralyzed from the waist down wasn't all that big a deal, because he started doing tricks in his wheelchair, leading up to this insane full-on backflip. Sure makes guys that use broken backs as an excuse for getting out of stunts seem less ballsy, no? [Spulch]


Actually, the kid's not as indestructible as he thinks he is, and he -=can=- break his back (or his neck) with extremely negative consequences. I really hope he keeps doing what he's doing, but the risks should not be minimized by some assumption that he's in the clear just because he's not walking around on two legs.