When is a TiVo Not a TiVo?

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You know your product is successful when its brand name is commonly used both as a verb and a noun. Such is the case with TiVo, where on last week's Pimp My Ride, the show host kept talking about a "TiVo" that was most certainly not anything close to our favorite personal video recorder. Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

When you're talking about Kleenex or Xerox, the actual product or its imitators pretty much do the same thing, but come on—TiVo is a completely different animal than the lame-ass Scientific Atlanta HD8300 PVR, for example. So when is a TiVo not a TiVo? When it's not a TiVo. So there's TiVo, and then there's everything else, which we'll just call "craptastic."


By the way, I guess Pimp My Ride just got Gizmodoed.

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Quit saying "tivo" when it isn't a TiVo [PVR Blog]

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