Thomas McMartin sure does love the ladies—especially when they are in various states of undress. He's such a fan that he allegedly installed a motion-activated spy camera in a women's locker room. And guess whose picture was on said camera when authorities discovered the device.

McMartin, age 56, used to work as a heating and cooling supervisor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, which is where the incident occurred. Police believe the camera was installed in the locker room's ceiling on March 8th but was eventually noticed. When the university reviewed the camera's contents, they found images of McMartin as he installed it (Pro Tip: Only turn your perv cam on after you've installed it).


He has since been fired from the school, barred from entering its campus and is under arrest, charged with felony unlawful surveillance and burglary—he's pleading not guilty. [The AP]

Image: Ma Spitz / Shutterstock

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