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Thanks to high-speed photography, Edward Horsford's pin-pricking of balloons have been caught in a dazzling series of photos. He shoots at night, by himself, using a Nikon D200 and a lot of water balloons.

The British photographer sometimes dyes the water inside the balloons so the photos look all the more beautiful, but it's his high-speed camerawork (shooting the balloons at 1/40,000th of a second) which make all the difference. That, and the high-speed trigger which set off the flashes when the sound goes over a certain level, as he pops the balloons.


Horsford has been experimenting with water balloons for over a year, judging by his Flickr account, and they're only getting more professional as time passes. I bet he goes through an awful lot of towels, though. [Flickr via Daily Mail]

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