When Will We See Jerry Bruckheimer's Last Starfighter-esque Epic Gameboys?

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A long time ago, we heard whispers about a Jerry Bruckheimer video-games-and-aliens film titled, Alien Wars. But little had been revealed, until screenwriter Eric Heisserer, who penned a draft, shed some light on the mysterious Last Starfighter-esque movie.


Heisserer, who penned Nightmare on Elm Street with Wesley Strick and The Thing prequel, finally explained what the mysterious Bruckheimer project Alien Wars was all about.

I heard that you wrote a draft for a film titled Alien Wars, for Jerry Bruckheimer films, this wouldn't happen to be wrapped into the Alien Legion film they are currently working on, [an adaptation of the 80s comic book]?

Yes, I did. But no, I don't think it has anything to do with the old comic book called Alien Legion. Alien Wars was a Bruckheimer answer or version to The Last Starfighter.

No way, is it happening?

The last I'd heard they brought Craig Mazin to do a rewrite on that. It was a tough choice — it was a difficult project for Bruckheimer, because it was a huge budget movie that starred High School students. And this was before Twilight came out, to prove that you'd be all right doing something like that. I think it made them very nervous. Any movie where the hero wasn't someone that could be played by Nic Cage, I think scared them.

Well this and Alien Legion are Bruckheimer films first massive science fiction undertakings, so I can imagine. So is Alien Wars is a sequel to The Last Starfighter?

Not a sequel or that [not a reboot either] it's their own take on it. It's a different story, it has different characters. There's no Alex Rogan or characters like that. It has the same type of feature concept to it. The main characters play a video game, and then discover that the game is real.


And indeed it may have. Because when we did some more digging, we found out the movie had been retitled Gameboys and the main characters had been upgraded from teenagers to 30-year-olds. And here's a synopsis:

The story revolves around two thirtysomething video game junkies recruited by the Department of Homeland Security to lead a geeky army of gamers in a battle against creatures that have come to life from a video game they have mastered.


We also talked to a representative for Jerry Bruckheimer, who confirmed that both Gameboys and Alien Legion were still in development. And the rep confirmed that Gameboys/Alien Wars isn't a reboot of The Last Starfighter, but an original project.


Kevin Flynn

Gameboys? Really?

Named after dead 1989 hardware? (Kinda late Bruckheimer.)