I refuse to pay $160 for a 120GB Xbox 360 HDD. But I need one, as my 20GB model is filling up. So I decided to order a cheap one from a shady Hong Kong website. What a mistake.


One of our interns found a sweet deal for a new 120GB HDD for the Xbox 360: $60. Sure, the website seemed a bit shady, and it shipped from Hong Kong, but $60 was a damn good price. So I ordered one.

A few weeks later, I get what appears to be a legit Microsoft Xbox 360 HDD. It comes in a distinctly non-legit box, but everything else looks OK. The problem? It's just the HDD, meaning I can't transfer anything over.

So, of course, I order a transfer cable from eBay. Only $10 this time, yet again from Hong Kong. This time, it doesn't come with the necessary disc to make the transfer.


So now I have a choice: either download an ISO of the transfer disc from any number of shady torrent sites, risking my computer and my Xbox in the process, or eat the $70 I've spent and just buy a legit HDD. At this point, I'm not even sure I trust the HDD I bought to work.

Is this a huge problem? No. Am I whining about something that I should have avoided by doing even a little bit of research first? Yes. Am I still annoyed and frustrated with this? Yes. So let this be a lesson to you: if you think you can outsmart Microsoft into paying less than their obscene HDD prices, you may be wrong.