Epic clap back? Or a tragic squeal from neoliberalism’s bloody corpse?

The Election Is Just Like [Insert TV Show/Movie]

It’s like fantasy, except the results might threaten the livelihoods of many Americans.

The Deplorables


Solidifying Trump’s strong ties to the alt-right using a shitty action movie reference. Oh, it burns.

Jimmy Fallon Petting Trump


Tousle his hair, Jimmy. Feel the twists and turns of the election. Tap into that mysterious mind, responsible for making Trump say he might be dating Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter. Perhaps through the tousle of the hair, his palms gracing the scalp that surrounds that special brain, Fallon gained special insight into why Trump said he grabs women by pussy without asking. Trump’s energy, seeping into Fallon’s pores, might’ve transmitted a shock of knowledge that revealed why Trump mocked a disabled reporter or said Mexicans were rapists and that Muslims should be on a list. Maybe he felt it all.

The Hillary Shimmy Song

I pray for death’s sweet kiss.

Ken Bone


The red-sweater wearing, pregnancy porn-liking undecided voter captured the hearts of Americans, and then promptly refused to let go.

Lena Dunham’s Rap Video

There are simply no words.

Obama Biden Memes

The hot new trend is taking pictures of Obama and Biden and making fake dialogue about how Biden is ~totes~ be pranking Trump, like all the time.


LOL! Mike Pence hates gay people.


LMAO people will literally die.

Safety Pins


In perhaps the safest performance of allyship, anti-Trump Americans have begun taking after their British brethren, wearing a safety pin (which could cost them upwards of $325) to show how mean that Trump guy really is.

So which meme broke you?