Dan Gentile of Thrillist has done God's work. He decided to take it upon himself to answer a question anyone who has ever sat on a couch for a long period of time has wondered: How many chips are actually in a bag of chips? And which type of chips has more full chips vs broken chips? And more.

Gentile pulled his data from two bags of each popular chip brand (sorry if your favorite isn't represented here) and found that most chips actually have more chips than they claim. Except Fritos, which makes it up by having more chips than any other brand.

Some fun conclusions were reached. Cheetos had the most chips over what was advertised (and was the winner for value), Funyuns are the most expensive chips, Fritos gave the most chips per ounce but Doritos had the biggest bag size. Head over to Thrilist to see more conclusions than you ever wanted to know about chips.

With all that said, I think the moral of the story is buy the chip you like.

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