Whiny FBI Ordered to Copy 150 Terabytes of Data Seized From Megaupload Kingpin

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A New Zealand court has ordered the FBI duplicate 150 terabytes of data seized from Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's compound in January. That's 6000 single-layer Blu-ray discs worth. The FBI whined that it'll take two and a half months to copy, but the judge said tough nuggets. Fair is fair!


This data is not the same as the huge troves of user data that was stored on Megaupload servers; that's the subject of a different dispute. This ruling concerns only the stuff that Kim Dotcom happened to have lying around his place. Wired reports that it contains some 10 million emails and epic financial records. All of this information would be central to Kim Dotcom's pending extradition case. In theory, the data will be handed over for to Dotcom for his defense, though, that'll be determined at yet another round of legal bickering.

And the FBI got what it deserved because the agency absconded with the data before it had the right to:

Though the New Zealand court ordered that the items not leave the country until non-relevant portions were returned, the FBI made a copy of the data and FedExed it out of the country, arguing afterward that the copying was permitted.

No matter what you think of Kim Dotcom, he's got the right to a fair trial just like anyone else. What's crazy is that just because the FBI has to copy the data, it won't even necessarily be handed over. What's the big deal? If the data will be used against Kim Dotcom, he's got a right to know what's in it. [Wired via Geekosystem]


Flacster Mann

Even if you aren't a pirate, have never pirated before, etc, you should be rooting for MegaUpload because IF they lose this case, this sets a precedent that could fundamentally change the internet forever. It would mean that not only can the U.S. have deciding factors everywhere, it also means they can shut down any website for any reason, essentially sidestepping PIPA, SOPA, and their clones. Per DMCA, MegaUpload is not at fault for anything unless they were doing it themselves (yes I know we don't know the WHOLE story but it sounds like they didn't do anything but provide a place for people - legit or not - to store their files). The FBI equated MegaUpload to bank robbers, which is false. If you want an analogy that includes banks, MegaUpload would be the bank and some of its users would be the bank robbers or thieves. A bank doesn't get shut down because one of its users robbed somebody or some company and stored their money in their bank account. So why should MegaUpload? They ARE a bank of sorts, not one that accrues interest, more like a bank that only has safety deposit boxes.

Also, if MU loses, say goodbye to cloud storage. It would never be safe enough to even consider using it as a backup due to the fact that the FBI could say "such and such could based storage company, we're shutting you down because some of your users are storing pirated material on your severs."

Sorry for the rant, but I've been wanting to say this for a while now.