Whirlpool Kitchen is Eco-Friendly, Recycles Heat, Water

This new Whirlpool concept is an attempt to tackle some of the rampant energy and resource wasting that goes on in the average kitchen. How many times have you heated something up in the oven, and then wondered whether anything useful can be done with the spare heat once you've finished cooking? Okay, maybe that's just my eco-guiltiness, but this new concept is designed to be 70% more energy efficient than standard kitchens and 24% cheaper to run.


Apparently inspired by natural ecosystem cycles, the system grabs heat from the refrigerator's pump and uses it to warm the dishwasher. 60% of the water is reused as well, and the fridge itself is compartmentalized into drawers, so you don't spill as much cold air out when you open it.

It looks pretty snazzy too, we reckon. You could argue that there's room for even more energy saving in its design, but it is just a concept. We guess it's fairly likely that you'll see some of the elements in future Whirlpool stuff. [Pocket Lint via Born rich]

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