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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Actor Bob Hoskins Has Passed Away

Illustration for article titled emWho Framed Roger Rabbit?/em Actor Bob Hoskins Has Passed Away

Sad news everyone. Actor Bob Hoskins, who is often recognized as Eddie Valiant from the 1988, live-action/animated hybrid classic that is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. His death, at the age of 71, came two years after a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease forced him to retire from acting. He had a healthy career both before and after Roger Rabbit, and managed to find steady work in a production every year from 1972 to 2012. Hoskins is survived by his wife and four children.


If you'd like to read more about his life and other films, this article on CNN does a nice job summarizing things. And even though he was only really known in the animation community for this one movie, we'll still feel this loss.

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