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Who Is The Sexiest Book Character, Ever?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Earlier today, Asgardian god Chris Hemsworth was crowned King Sexy Pants of People Magazine. And while the “real life” actor is nice, we’d still rather bang the fantasy (Thor). Which lead us to this question: who is the hottest fictional literary character of all time?

Our answer is Robb Stark, the less needy version of Jon Snow—and with a lot more confidence. He was going to be king, and he was going to do it well. Robb Stark was stature and honor all wrapped in leather and smelling of a sweaty horse ride. And dear sweet cuddles on a bear skin in a cold winter forest, just look at him. We crushed on Robb in our youth, and later fell into full-blown love when Richard Madden fleshed out the character in the television series.


OK, now your turn. Who is the sexiest literary character ever? Please provide name, the book they are from, why they are the sexiest thing to ever make you cross your legs while turning a page and an image for... research.

Special thanks to Katey Rich, Lauren Davis and Kate Erbland for sharing their literature fetishes with me.


Art by Jim Cooke.