If that spunky little astromech droid can help whiny Luke Skywalker lead the Rebellion to defeating the Empire, surely R2-D2 can help you when your radiator's on the fritz, or you've got a flat tire. In fact, who needs to pay for AAA when you've got what is arguably the real hero of the Star Wars films at your disposal?

But don't cancel your roadside assistance membership just yet. This full-scale vinyl decal only makes it look like you've got R2-D2 riding along on your next car trip. A little disappointing, but no less awesome. And if you've ever struggled to apply something as small as a screen protector, you'll appreciate this large decal's air egress layer which prevents air bubbles from being trapped as you apply it. That alone is worth $30, but it's not like Star Wars fans need that much convincing when it comes to fun merchandise. [ThinkGeek]