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DDOS Attack Targets Popular Anti-Censorship Projects on Github

Illustration for article titled DDOS Attack Targets Popular Anti-Censorship Projects on Github

Github is getting hammered by a huge distributed-denial-of-service attack. Looks like it pissed off the wrong pro-censorship group: The attack is aimed at two popular Github projects, Great Fire and CN-NY Times, that help Chinese citizens get around their government's restrictive online censors to access blocked content.


Who does that?

The attackers are using China's search engine Baidu to conduct a sort of "HTTP hijacking," in the words of the security researcher from Insight Labs who discovered how the attack was going down.


Baidu serves ads and other bits of code to websites all over the world. But when people outside China access a site that's serving Baidu's code, they get a special malware injection. It appears that people with access to the traffic on the border of China's internet — often called the Great Firewall of China — injected a malicious script into the HTTP connections of these visitors. The script directs web traffic back to Great Fire and CN-NY Times, flooding those sites with traffic.

Since Baidu is extremely popular, the overflow of traffic was too much for Github. It was still fighting off the attack a few hours ago:

It's still not clear who conducted this attack but you are welcome to make an educated guess in the comments.



Image via Flickr / Dan Hankins

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Their anti-git agenda has been clear all along!