Who Will Be Who?

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These days, it's almost easier to point out who isn't going to be the new Doctor Who instead of who is. Following news reports last week that Robert Carlyle (from Trainspotting and 28 Weeks Later, amongst other things) won't be taking on the role whenever David Tennant steps down, now we have Jekyll's James Nesbitt saying that he's not interested, either.


Nesbitt explained that he didn't want to step into the shoes of the most recent Doctors:

I couldn't follow Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant. I thought they were both brilliant.

He then went on to say that he did think that he could act circles around Colin Baker and probably Jon Pertwee, if he had to, but William Hartnell could probably take him in a dance-off.

Okay, maybe not. But nonetheless, this speculation is somewhat surreal; Tennant still hasn't confirmed that he is, as expected, leaving the show following the four special episodes in 2009, and even if he had, we wouldn't be looking for a new Doctor for another year or so. I know that the BBC is apparently working to a 20 Year Plan, but nonetheless, I don't think we should expect to hear about the official candidate for the role for at least a few months just yet...

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@Sturm Truppen: Don't forget there is always the sci-fi stand-by deus-ex-machina.

"oh I have no more regenerations! Luckily I'm in the Ood's temple of limitless regenerations where if I regenerate here I can do it all I want for all time."

"Great! Let's make out!"

"Keep it on sodding torchwood Jack."