Whole Foods Is Selling LPs Now

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33⅓ rpm records have been around for 65 years and in that time they've come and gone. And come back again. Apparently the nation's few remaining record stores, stamped out by lack of demand, are suddenly not enough, so Whole Foods has begun selling vinyl at five locations in and around LA, including West Hollywood, Santa Barbara and Venice. Even the New York Public Library, though not known to make money off of, well, anything, missed out on the resurgence by about a week.


Whole Foods says that they will stock a "wide selection" of LPs from Frank Sinatra to Daft Punk and Bob Marley. The records are being marketed alongside LSTN headphones, the purchase of which helps hearing impaired people through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Presumably Whole Foods will bring records to more stores if they sell well. A similar initiative has been lucrative for Urban Outfitters, which is now one of the largest record sellers in the country. In the press release, Mike Bowen, an executive coordinator for the Southern Pacific region, notes that “This launch isn’t just about stocking our shelves with something new and different – it’s about listening to our shoppers and giving them access to the things they want." Ladies and gentlemen, start your turntables. [TIME]


Who's manufacturing vinyl these days? I remember perhaps 10 years ago the hot trend was to put your band's latest release out on 8 track.