Why Apple Stores Tilt the MacBook Pro Exactly 70 Degrees

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If you thought Apple squeezes all those dollars out of your based on product and design alone, you're giving them too much credit.

Carmine Gallo, writing for Forbes, reports on an interesting bit of consumer-behavior mindfuckery the stores employ, specifically to seduce you into a love affair with their products—the MacBook Pro with retina display, in particular. Each morning, Apple Retail employees use an iPhone app as a level to ensure each screen is titled to exactly 70 degrees.

[T]he main reason notebook computers screens are slightly angled is to encourage customers to adjust the screen to their ideal viewing angle-in other words, to touch the computer! ... Apple wants you to see the display for yourself and to experiment with apps and web sites to experience the power and performance of the devices.


It is for the same reason, Gallo explains, that the Apple Retail Stores let you spend unlimited time playing with the devices and browsing the internet, without any pressure to leave. They know their products are great, and if only you could try them out for yourself, you would see how truly great they are and how you absolutely cannot walk out of those gleaming glass doors empty handed. [Forbes]