Why Are All the Olympic Athletes Wearing Bright Green Shoes?

If you were wondering why so many of the track and field athletes at the Olympics were wearing bright green shoes, here's why: they're all Nike athletes. And Nike has decided to go uniform across the globe on bright green shoes to grab your attention (and your dollars). It's probably working.

Known as 'Volt', the shoes are striking against the red track in London. Nike says that out of all the colors on the rainbow, the human eye is most sensitive to the yellow/green zone. That means the Nike shoes the Olympians are wearing reflect more light than nearly anything on the field. The shoes are there to be bright and bold so you look at them... and want to buy them. Basically, brighter yellow green shoes are better at attracting attention, even if everyone else is wearing the same bright yellow green shoes.


Above are the shoes for sprinting and for the field events and they're all green everything. Check out the rest of the Volt collection here. Admit it, you can't stop staring.

Here are the names of the shoes:

  • Nike Zoom Superfly R4
  • Nike Zoom Ja Fly
  • Nike Zoom Maxcat 3
  • Nike Zoom Celar 4


  • Nike Zoom LJ 4
  • Nike Zoom HJ III
  • Nike Zoom TJ 3
  • Nike Zoom PV II
  • Nike Zoom Javelin Elite
  • Nike Zoom Rotational 5



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