Did you see this absolutely epic list of of movies that Martin Scorcese thinks you should watch? I want to add them all to my Netflix queue, but it would be a pain. I wish I could just add them all with a click. Am I the only one who misses when Netflix was more social?

On Spotify, I've got a list called "The Most Important Music Ever. Probably, you know". It's a jumping off point: An easy way to shuffle through songs I know I love, and an easy list to share with my friends when they ask me for recommendations. The list FastCo assembled is essentially the same type of list for Martin Scorcese: Stuff he loves that he'd recommend to others. Unfortunately, you can't simply add a "Marty's Picks" list on Netflix.


Netflix used to have social "community" features once upon a time—you could make lists and look at your friends' queues—but the features were killed because nobody was using them. That makes me think maybe they weren't well designed because I miss it. Netflix, please bring back some way to share. I don't want to share everything I do on Netflix, but sometimes I just gotta tell somebody else about what I'm watching.

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