Why Can't I Share This Awesome List of Movies On Netflix?

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Did you see this absolutely epic list of of movies that Martin Scorcese thinks you should watch? I want to add them all to my Netflix queue, but it would be a pain. I wish I could just add them all with a click. Am I the only one who misses when Netflix was more social?

On Spotify, I've got a list called "The Most Important Music Ever. Probably, you know". It's a jumping off point: An easy way to shuffle through songs I know I love, and an easy list to share with my friends when they ask me for recommendations. The list FastCo assembled is essentially the same type of list for Martin Scorcese: Stuff he loves that he'd recommend to others. Unfortunately, you can't simply add a "Marty's Picks" list on Netflix.

Netflix used to have social "community" features once upon a time—you could make lists and look at your friends' queues—but the features were killed because nobody was using them. That makes me think maybe they weren't well designed because I miss it. Netflix, please bring back some way to share. I don't want to share everything I do on Netflix, but sometimes I just gotta tell somebody else about what I'm watching.

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What Netflix REALLY needs is a better search tool. It is like they are ~trying~ to hide new content. They also need to update their New Releases suggestions. Tangled has been sitting in New releases for about the last eight months. Are they trying to tell me that little amount of content has been added in that short amount of time?