Why Cocktail Glasses Really Matter

I will freely admit to being one of the twentysomething wasters who will throw a cocktail in anything that isn’t a Solo cup. But if you have more style and class, you may have wondered if there’s science behind the bewildering array of glassware.


PBS Idea Channel sat down with Ivy Mix at Leyenda, to discuss the history and rationale behind different glasses. In between the many, many beautiful drinks, there’s also some useful tips: how different glasses are practical for different drinks, and how they can also set the mood for what you’re about to imbibe.


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Veras Gunn

Huh, maybe I watch too much Bar Rescue where they shun it at nearly every turn, but I thought it was interesting that she was using the jigger instead of free pouring the drinks. Though I guess she doesn’t need to pour for speed for these videos like she might have to on a busy night.