Well it wasn't because he had abducted them from over 700 local cemeteries and redressed them! Because that would be severely bat-shit crazy.

The 45-year-old suspect, Anatoly Moskvina from Nizhny Novgorod, a city on the Volga, reportedly targeted the bodies of women between ages 15 and 26. He would dig them up, stuff them in a plastic bag and proceed to drag them home where he would dress them like dolls. In all, he had more than two dozen stored in his apartment. His parents made the grizzly discovery while visiting. Authorities are now considering charging him with desecrating human remains—what, are they on the fence on this? Do they think they'll have trouble making the desecration charge stick against a guy with a human doll collection?

Russian media outlets have also reported that Moskvina planned to publish a guide book on exploring cemeteries and is considered something of a genius, capable of speaking 13 languages. But that raises an interesting technological question: How did this guy store the bodies? Did he have a special walk-in fridge? Did he mummify them? Or did the "genius" let them rot? [BBC News - MSNBC - Image: lifenews.ru via Buzzfeed]