Why Do Cats Act So Damn Weird?

Dogs just want to love you but cats, well, what the hell do cats want? They have a mind of their own, they seemingly do whatever the hell they want, and their habits are just so weird. Why is that? According to Ted-Ed, it’s because how they developed as both a solitary predator that had to hunt and kill smaller prey for food and stealthy prey who had to hide from larger predators to survive. Their habits today, reflect both!


Being a predator is why they scratch things around your house (to sharpen claws) and why they hang out atop bookcases (their ancestors once looked down on their prey) but being prey explains why they hide in small places (to hide from bigger predators). It’s an interesting duality.


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Edgar the Constricting Necktie

I learned somewhere that the kneading thing they do with their fore paws when they are being petted, scratched or are otherwise content is leftover from when they were kittens. Kittens knead their mother’s teats for milk and continue that action into adulthood whenever they feel that same sort of warm, safe and happy feeling ...or so I read from somewhere. Which makes me feel like my face is one enormous tit whenever my cat sits on my chest, licks my chin, kneads my neck and then takes ever the slightest bite at my face with just his front teeth.

What I want to know is what do cats see when they stare at a spot for thirty minutes, then freak out and run away. I think its ghosts.