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Why Does This iPod Dock Sofa Exist?

Illustration for article titled Why Does This iPod Dock Sofa Exist?

Nothing says class and modern charm like building speakers into furniture, and the UK Sound Sofa by CSL isn't going to miss this trend-wave. For just $1,500, you can own (and nap on!) the world's worst idea.


Fifteen hundred bucks is sort of bizarrely cheap for a giant sofa—which means it's probably a shitty thing to sit on in addition to a shitty thing to listen to, with its 2.1 speaker system buried beneath tacky fabric. You'll finally be able to listen to music the way the artists wanted: with the speakers both underneath your ass and facing away from you. It'll be just like being backstage! Just look at how much fun that Brit is having—lounging, listening to her favorite music without pants on, an eerily giant glass of some bright red liquid within reach. Perhaps she's just listening to white noise turned up as high as possible.

If you had to pawn your iPod to buy this sofa, you can still blast butt jams by inserting an SD card or hooking up a Bluetooth stream, because those are respectively the worst alternative ways to listen to music. Or here's the best alternative of all: you probably already own a couch of some sort, so spent a fraction of the cost of the Sound Sofa and buy real speakers. [CSL via BornRich]

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"Why Does This iPod Dock Sofa Exist?"

Because if Apple make a commercial for it, people will buy it.

Because people who buy Apple products will buy ah-ne-thing.

Because the iPod dock for your ass doesn't exist ... ... yet.

Because iPod users have never seen or heard a quality AV system and will think that this must be it.

Because there is a hot chick on it. Therefore it must exist.