Why Don't Pistols Come With Built-In Flasks Anymore?

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These days it's a little unsettling to see a firearm with a canteen attached, particularly because it's probably safe to assume it was rarely filled with just water. But back in 1862 when this Colt Navy 4-Screw Revolver was originally manufactured, carrying a gun everywhere you went was commonplace, and a built-in flask just made sense.


This particularly rare model was just sold at auction for $14,000. And besides providing refreshment and keeping its owner safe, when full the generously-sized canteen probably also helped to steady the pistol improving its accuracy. On the flip side, when emptied it's safe to assume the impaired marksman's accuracy was terrible at best, and downright dangerous to others at worst. [iCollector via Pocket Pistols, Historic Firearms, & Curiosities via Neatorama]

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Aside from the point of the flask, current gun control laws would prohibit this style of pistol to be made without a $200 tax stamp and filing papers with the ATF. Currently "pistols" are not allows to have shoulder stocks, nor are they allowed to have forward grips. Which is ironic because both would increase stability and help prevent the likelihood of missed shots or stray bullets. In order to put either of these on something that is classified as a "pistol" it then becomes a "Any Other Weapon" and requires paying a $200 tax stamp, filing papers with the ATF, and lots and lots of waiting (probably 6 months).